Social Network for Production Plants by Krones Syskron

The fact that Krones has put the digital transformation of the beverage industry on the horizon has not been a question – at least since the company’s subsidiary Syskron has entered the scene. After all, the system and consulting company was founded with a clear mandate: to provide a new and agile home to the important future of industrial digitalization, in which innovative ideas can thrive and reach marketable solutions.

The fruits of this plan have already been brought to the fore in 2016: Syskron GmbH reinforced the Krones team with its concentrated IT know-how – and answers all questions concerning digitization and industry 4.0 in general as well the individual solutions in particular.

Syskron developer workshop for industrial mobile apps

A brand-new look to the Syskron developer workshop allows Share2Act. The mobile app is the first to bring the functionality and, consequently, the advantages of contemporary social media communication into the production day of beverage companies: “One can imagine the app as a kind of social network for the interaction of people and machines,” explains Syskron product manager Thomas Hässler, “each machine has its own profile, which can be used to fill users with a wide range of information and media.”

From traditional wiki systems the app is not only distinguished by its fresh, intuitive design, but above all by its focus on networked real-time communication. “In modern production companies, people and machines form a common team,” explains Häßler, “With Share2Act, the individual members of this team can now cooperate in a completely new way and thus make their workflows more efficient.”

Share2Act multiple layer technology

For more details are still kept secret. However, due to the fact that Share2Act puts the transfer of knowledge across layers, hierarchies, and locations to a new level, which can best be learned through own testing – after all, a click often says more than a thousand words. For this reason, the visitors at the upcoming trade fairs and exhibitions may be offered various end devices, which allow the possibilities of the app to be explored in a playful way.

Source: Krones press release and own research.

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