New Keg Filling and Cleaning System Transversal by KHS

With a new concept, KHS offers several advantages in keg filling. The efficient and modular system Innokeg AF-C Transversal is growing in parallel with the increasing demands of the users. The decisive difference to conventional systems is the inverse relationship between transport and processing stations. This development was particularly conceived especially for the performance range between 250 and 700 kegs in the hour.

What is new about this Keg filling system?

Conventional transversal keg systems are typically characterized by a module ratio from one processing station to two transport stations. In these systems, the processing stations are usually arranged between the infeed and outgoing conveyors. In contrary to this within the Innokeg AF-C transversal of KHS, the transport of the Keg containers is located between the processing stations.

From this conveyor, the kegs are then automatically pushed laterally into these stations. In addition to minimized floor space use, the accessibility to the filling and cleaning stations is also significantly improved. This innovative concept benefits breweries and bottlers of wine and carbonated beverages that are distributing their products within Kegs.

Innovative design and increase of line efficiency

One of the new features of this Keg system is it’s modularity. The modular and material-saving design lowers the cost of purchasing and allows the KHS Innokeg AF-C transversal to grow over time, with the increasing production quantities. “In a module frame, we can consolidate up to four processing stations. The compact design allows this group to fit into a standard container for shipment, “explains Roger Daum, Product Manager Keg at KHS, explaining the design principles of the new plant.

All conceivable cycles are possible within these frames. No need for additional external treatment units. “Up to 4 module groups can be assembled into a machine that then takes over the function of a Keg pre-cleaner, Keg washer and Keg filler in one single unit,” adds Daum.

Modular machine concept and high degree of flexibility

In addition to a high degree of flexibility, the special construction also ensures increased efficiency during operation. Processing modules can be easily removed from the group and reinserted. This also makes it easy to extend the system with additional modules.

This is made possible by the central course of the transport route, which also improves the accessibility of the machines, easing operation and maintenance. Thanks to the ergonomic design, operators now have direct access to the processing modules without the need to climb over external conveyors whatsoever – as in the old transversal principle that has been customary up to now.

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