DJAZAGRO trade-fair: exhibition for the food-industry in Algiers, Algeria

Upcoming Event: DJAZAGRO 2019

from 25.2. until 28.2.2019 in Algiers, Algeria!

Djazagro: largest trade fair for the food industry in Northern Africa

Created in 2003 in Algiers, DJAZAGRO has developed to be one of the most important trade shows for the food-industry and the agrifood production. Today, it is the leading trade show in Algeria. DJAZAGRO is the unmissable annual meeting, with national, international and global offers in 5 different sectors of activities:

Process & conditioning (including processing, filling and packaging), bakery and pastry, food products and beverages, ingredients as well as food related services.

Djazagro displays products like industry equipment, food processing, ingredients, packaging machines and packaging materials, bakery, pastry, equipment for restaurants, hotel equipment, filling- and packaging machines, many kinds of food-related products, and more. It will also display products from the agriculture & forestry industry.

Where is the Trade-Fair located?

The DJAZAGRO is located in the SAFEX Exhibition Park in Algiers, Algeria. It is considered to be the leading trade show for the food and beverage industry, not only in Algeria, but for the complete North Africa region as well.

The DJAZAGRO is the largest exhibition for the food, agrifood and beverage industry in Northern Africa.

Food and beverage market facts for Algeria:

Algeria is by far the most important market in Northern Africa. The most spoken languages are Arabic and French as well as Berbian, sometimes all mixed with each other.

However French is considered the business language at least when dealing with international partners. English is not very well established, neither throughout the general population, nor within the world of business.

  • GDP: 175,08 Mds USD (2015)
  • GDP growth rate: 2% in 2017 (excluding the oil and gas sector)
  • Trade surplus: USD 4.6 billion (2009)
  • 2009 imports: USD 39.1 billion
  • Public investments: USD 286 billion

Algeria has a relatively strong financial position with a nominal budget surplus at around 12% of the GDP, the foreign debt rate is as low as only 3.6% of the GDP.

Import and Export: Algerian trading partners

The most important trading partner of Algeria by far is the European Union with almost 60% of the countries total trade volume. Of all EU countries, France (16%), Italy (10%), Germany (8%) and Spain (7%) cover the largest trade volume. This is only followed by China (12%), the United States (5%) and Turkey (4%).

Algeria has a considerably large and in general quite well educated population of 42 Million people (2018).

The food industry is one of the largest economic sectors with about 120.000 employees within about 17.000 companies. Not including the agricultural sector such as farms. Despite the arab-socialistic political system in Algeria, the economy can act relatively free and thus the companies are 95% held and operated by private owners.

More details about the Djazagro trade-fair

The exhibition is taking place basically every year around February or March, usually for four days (Mondays to Thursdays) and is covering local and global topics and exhibitors with activities in Algeria of the following branches:

  • Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging, Food Engineering and Conditioning
  • Machines and other Equipment for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Packaging Materials and other Supplies for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Bakery and Pastry
  • Food Products and Beverages
  • Food and Beverage Ingredients
  • Food and Catering Services

The SAFEX exhibition area where the DJAZAGRO is usually located, is the largest exhibition center in Algeria and is located within the capital of Algiers, close to the international airport.

Usually there are more than 20.000 exhibition visitors and hundreds of exhibitors of companies offering products, materials, machines or services for the food, agrifood and beverage industries.

Visit our events-calendar to check out the actual event dates and details for this year and to visit the official DJAZAGRO exhibition homepage for further information and booking.

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