KHS Increases Annual Turnover Once Again In 2016

Successful in all areas: KHS Group again increased its turnover in 2016

The KHS Group, one of the leading suppliers of machines and complete lines for the beverage and packaging industries, confirmed the successful development of the previous year and again increased its sales: 1.18 billion euros total sales in the past year.

Strong growth in PET bottling and packaging segment

The KHS Group confirmed the successful development of the previous year and again increased its sales: 1.18 billion euros total sales in the past year. The operating result (EBT) was significantly increased by contributions from internal improvement programs. Particularly successful projects in Asia and Central America as well as a strong demand for solutions for the PET and can filling were promoted sales. In the current financial year, the Group is aiming to further advance on the world’s leading trade fair Drinktec, held from 11 to 15 September 2017 in Munich.

A decisive role will be played by the continuous development of resource-saving technologies and packaging solutions. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer, CEO, sees the role of the Group as a driving force behind the industry: “In addition to the very satisfactory business with existing solutions and the service, we are now seeing a broader market penetration than just a few years ago.” The service organization was expanded worldwide, and consumables were, for example, included directly in KHS’s offer.

Coverage approximates the entire demand in the filling and packaging industries

These added value, coupled with the reliable and very efficient lines, ensured significant orders in all business areas. Growing demand affects the entire range of filling and packaging solutions of the system supplier: from PET to can to glass and keg; Almost all branches of beer, from soft drinks to water or the sensitive beverages for hot filling. “This shows that we are not only strong in one area, but also in the entire line business, where we have a very attractive portfolio thanks to a high degree of standardization,” emphasizes Niemeyer.

This is exemplified by the growing demand for glass and cans in the home market of Germany, a successful implementation of the PET block solutions in the USA, India and Indonesia, and the sale of several high-performance hot-fill PET lines to South America and Africa. For many projects completed in 2016 there are also follow-up assignments. This is a fact that KHS is justified by the consistently continued standardization of the product portfolio as well as by the high consultancy competence of all customer questions.

Looking forward to the current year 2017

KHS intends to further increase its further improved earnings. “We would like to continue to convince our customers with efficient products and innovations which are geared to the needs of our customers and are reliably used in these,” Niemeyer explains. The system provider also points to his commitment to all stakeholders and will publish a new sustainability report later this year.

Source: KHS press release.

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