7000 Additional Kegs To Meet Coopers Brewery Keg Filling Demand

The Coopers Brewery in Leabrook, South Australia is purchasing an additional 7000 beer kegs / beer barrels this year to quench increasing demand for its products on tap.

The $1 million order with Belgian keg producer Comet is more than double the previous year’s order and will increase the number of Coopers beer kegs in circulation to almost 40,000, all which are to be filled and palletised at the Coopers brewery keg filling line at Leabrook.

Extra KEG storage requirements within the brewery

Coopers Managing Director, Dr Tim Cooper, said the market’s burgeoning thirst for Pale Ale was driving the need for the 350,000 liters of extra keg storage.

“While there has been an across-the-board increase in demand for our beers on tap, hotel and bar patrons can’t seem to get enough of Pale Ale,’’ Dr Cooper said.

“Pale Ale enjoyed record sales last summer and demand for our biggest selling Australian line has remained strong into the winter months. Sometimes, the keg filling line is operating round the clock to meet up with the demand” Mr. Cooper added.

Cooper’s beer popular on the tab

More and more hotels are putting Cooper’s beers on tap, especially in the country regions, to keep up with the demand from consumers.

The new 50 liter kegs are due to arrive in 10 shipping containers in August.

Each year Coopers needs to replace about 3 per cent of its kegs due to maintain existing stocks. “Last year, we placed an order for an extra 3000 kegs to meet growing consumer demand,’’ Dr Cooper said.

“They were taken up in an instant and this year we have had to more than double our intake of kegs to try and give ourselves a little breathing space.’’

Increased sales on beer and new markets in the UK

Last summer sales of Pale Ale were up 26 per cent on the previous year while bulk or keg beer sales rose 17 per cent for the summer period.

In May, Coopers sent its first shipment of Pale Ale to London to test the market and these export Pale Ale sales in England proofed to be unexpectedly successful for the brewery.

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