A Package should save more than it costs – the Tetra Pak Commitment

Protects what is good – the well known Tetra Pack slogan reflects the company´s product quality, customer care and environmental philosophy.

Every day throughout the world, more than 14 billion litres of water, milk, juice and other liquid foods and beverages are consumed.

Tetra Pak has developed packages, which protect both the nutritional value and the taste of the packaged product. Thanks to this, the packaging and distribution of liquid products like beverages or liquid food for example to the consumer have been greatly facilitated.

“A package should save more than it costs.”

This was the tenet of the founder of Tetra Pak, Dr. Ruben Rausing, who initiated the development of the tetrahedron-shaped package.

The fundamental idea behind the innovation was to form a tube from a roll of plastic-coated paper, fill it with the beverage and seal it below the level of the liquid.

Tetra Pak has expanded its business to include much more than packaging of liquid food products.Today, ice cream, cheese, dry foods, fruits, vegetables and pet food are examples of what can be packaged in Tetra Pak packages.

Not only filling and packaging, but food and beverage processing as well

The company has also expanded its business to include food and beverage processing and has a large range of package alternatives in its product portfolio with now ten different Tetra packaging systems. Today, Tetra Pak supplies complete systems for processing, filling, packaging and distribution.

Tetra Pak processing and packaging systems make economical use of resources. The processing systems are developed to treat the products gently, and consumption of raw materials and energy is minimal during the manufacture and distribution of packages.

Benefits of TetraPak food and beverage carton packaging

According to the manufacturer, TetraPak packages fulfill the main purposes of packaging, namely to:

– maintain product quality
– minimize waste
– reduce distribution costs.

Based on this, one can say, that Tetra Pak processing, filling and packaging systems save more resources than they cost in the processing of products and the production and distribution of packages.

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